Larry Ellison Contracts Dubious Air Carrier to Transport Construction Workers to Lānaʻi

In the early morning hours of July 2, 2021, Trans Air flight 810 departed Honolulu International Airport bound for Kahului, Maui, and crashed just off the coast of Oahu following a dual engine failure. Thankfully, both pilots survived the incident but not without injury. They were both brought to Queen’s Medical Center for treatment.

Transair on the island of Lānaʻi

Months following the crash, the Federal Aviation Authority determined that Rhoades Aviation which was operating under the trade name of Transair was found to have flown hundreds of flights through the skies of Hawaii illegally. Trans Air is being accused by the FAA of improper maintenance and failing to document work correctly on numerous aircraft.

For a few years now, Lānaʻi Resorts, LLC owned by billionaire Larry Ellison has been using this operator to transport construction workers into Lānaʻi using a 33-year-old aircraft under registration N351TA. Would you fly on this dubious air carrier?

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